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Real Time Web

In dynamic networks, where service instances are quickly created and destroyed, the causality of communication between nodes is a problem that is not handled well by conventional approaches. For example, when a new service instance appears and it is relevant to an ongoing communication between other instances, the existing instances have no knowledge of the new instance, and vice versa. Real Time Web solves this problem by automatically notifying the new node to initiate communication with the existing ones, thus supporting a rapidly evolving network of nodes.



Nornir Domain Service (NDS)

Nornir Domain Service (NDS) is your application dashboard for managing you microservice network. It allows you to:

  • Define your own microservice and data structure

  • Link to other services to personalized real-time data streams

  • Link your services to 3rd party services to merge pieces of data into the same stream

  • Distributed access control to enable privacy and restrict access to data

  • Build your own ecosystem of microservices

  • Build AI and neural network of you microservices

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