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The Real Time Web

When Nornir decided to launch the Real Time Web, a lot of questions arose from developers, computer experts and academia. The concept of a new Web needs to be explained and due to lack of documentation (just temporary due to lacy founders ) this academy site was created to help developers to get a quick intro. The Real Time Web is a new horizontal event driven web network based on morphic architectural principles (more on this later). The network is based on the Synx kernel (TCP BIOS) which extends the use of communication between the stack layers, to create a multidimensional network that can distribute data vertically up and down the TCP layer across IP addresses and separate the data distribution from application, domain and network resources. Most of the demos and you find on this site is made for the Real Time Web network. If you like to learn more theory around Real Time Web and Synx technologies ( technology behind RTW ) please visit 



Cioty - Domain as a Service is a Smart City/IoT demo community. The community offers domain as a service for the Real Time Web. This is a good place to start testing Synx tools and experiment with morphic microservices. 

​The cIoTy domain registrar offers several features 

  • Register you own cioty domain namespace

  • Administrate your own morphic microservice

  • Use links to connect morphic services, both you own and your friends

  • Gain ownership and access control to enable privacy and restrict access to data on your network resources

  • Add logic (predicate) to your data link

  • Send and receive data on your ghost (morphic twin object)

  • Register at SynxPass and get a single sign on all your IoT objects globally.

Tel: +47 482 01 265

Visiting: Christian Krogs gate 1,


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