Mary Poppins, the smart umbrella

This proof of concept demonstrates the power of the Real Time Web when it comes to linking data with different context using Bluetooth and localisation via a smartphone.

The umbrella will forecast todays weather using ambient light signals that represent the typical icons of popular weather services. If there is rain forecast on your location, there will be a blue light that notifies to bring it with you. The umbrella is bi-directionally linked, acting as a distributed rain sensor, so basically it is a micro weather station producing data that can be sold. Data is bought from and sold to supplier e.g Yr, but with RTW all that is needed to change the supplier/receiver to e.g Storm is a line of code. So why not let it do something totally different? How about a Match indicator based on data from Tinder, giving a heartbeat flash with red light when a match passes you on the street…

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