Scan and post WiFi networks to Real Time Web

This simple demo shows how to scan wifi networks in the area and report the list of SSID names and signal strength, via Real Time Web.

In this demo, we are gonna use ESP8266 unit. And it’s programmed to connect to our WiFi router. Then it scans for other WiFi routers in the area and posts that via the Real Time Web. It gets out as a list of SSID names and signal strength. So when the unit connects with a battery, it can be placed anywhere in the building. It will then report the signal strength of the WiFi. This can be very useful if you want to change the routers when they are getting old or bad of if there’s something wrong with them.

If we have many of this unit which are placed at different corners of the building. Then the data they report to RTW can be mapped into a graphical user interface, like a WiFi signal heat map of the building.

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